20 facts what I learned this semester

  1. P and S waves are from earthquakes
  2. The listosphere is part of he crust and mantle
  3. Rocks have differ kinds of types such as clastic, nonfoilated, intrusive, etc
  4. Different types of erosion
  5. How depositon reacts to curves in the river
  6. The outer core is solid
  7. Rocks are made from lava and magma,too.
  8. That our class is filld with some crazy people.
  9. Mrs. Wilson is fun
  10. Soil has alot of layers.
  11. Soil has horizons because it is horizontal
  12. Humus forms in the top layer.
  13. How soil is formed froma solid layer of rock. It’s pretty suprising.
  14. The different boundaries, such as convergent, divergent, anf transform
  15. That  Hawaii is no where near a boundary and has volcanoes
  16. The Himalayas are still growing to be tall
  17. I learned alot of people in our class like to be disruptive
  18. Africa is going to move 8 feet twards us in my life time
  19. There are 2 types of crust- continetal and oceanic
  20. The East African Valley (somthing like that) is an example of a rift valley
  21. There is a process called sea-floor spreading causing continets to move
  22. Alferd Wegner saw that the continets fitted togther like puzzle pieces


The most blog challenge that was useful was the one where it lead you to this website wih free photos you can upload. That can really help for my project. I was supossed to share my movie-makeron Monday but…… the music and pictures got X’s on them, so those websites were useful! Another one is the blog challenge where we had to blog about the problems of the world. There is alot I could say about that, but I decided to do a short one.  I want to write more about the topic, but about something else.


I don’t really know how to add my class, and I need help with that. Do we have to do all activities?


I have a lot of things, so I’ll pick 3.

        One of my favorite things to do is read. Reading is everything. When I read, some books that are perfect for me sucks me into it that I can’t hear anyone talk to me. You know that feeling? Reading books have made me write better and describe objects, feelings, nouns, etc. with BIG words.

           Another thing is that I LOVE SWIMMING. It’s my favorite thing to do as an after school curriculum. I have a way to swim faster than my friends. I swim like a frog all the time. When I see a pool of water, I get excited that I just wanna jump im real fast.

          My third and last one is writing. I like writing about my dreams, or just some exploration. I learned that you can’t imagine characters. You can only sense them.I mostly like to write about mysteries, or just trying to escape a bad guy who is in full power.

I dont get the last part of the activity. Can you please Expain it for me?

Blog Challenge 8

Family Intrest.

Well, I don’t have much because my family is either in Iowa, Las Vegas, California, and even way in Malaysia. Malaysia is a cool place to be. I’ve been there before and it’s summer year round because it is near the equator. My mom…….. doesn’t have any intrests in holidays. Don’t judge her, she’s from Malaysia, and it’s sad to know her story.  She sees that a holiday is coming up and thinks that it’s stupid to waste your money on a day out of the ordinary.

Back to the topic. Mostly my family- the big family- wants to get toghter often but the flights cost much. I might be going to Malaysia next year! I can’t wait!

The most things we celebrate are;

  • holidays
  • birthdays
  • funerals

or just for visiting!

Blog Challenge 7. How are you creative in your life?

I’m creative in a lot a ways. Like getting crafty with words. Oh, I am good with that.

I can create a 10 line poem in about thirty seconds, but it all matters what word I use. I know there is a lot of words, but when under pressure, I can’t really think that much. Here’s a random poem I made just now.

The sun rises,

The sun falls,

Just like the and everything else.

No matter what you say,

You can’t have your way

Not ever in anyday

You dont always get what you want,

And plans do go on the way you have sought.

Not everybody gets what they want.

That was like 2 min? I don’t know. I LOVE making code-like things. Try to figure out what this poem?  means


So glamourous, so shiny-like

Everybody seeks it

Copper-like but shiner, but not as the sun

Rueful, jealous, will people be

Enthusiastic if people will be if they find it

T’s starting a Rush


What is it? Gold right? Nope.The secret message is the 1st letter of each senctence. They are capitalized. Did you get “secret”. If not, it’s kinda like an accrostic poem.



Blog Challenge 6

There’s alot of global things that I think that is important, so I picked one topic that fits all. Treating people well, no matter the color of their skin, whether they’re a woman or not, what race they came from, where all humans. We are no more or less than anyone. Yet we are the different, but we are the same. Why treat people like things? It’s wrong. It’s not fair to treat woman like they’re so fragile. Girls, boys, men, women, we’re all equal. No ones smart. No offense but everybody is stupid, and we have to admit it. We are just smarter at something than that one person and someone is smarter at something else. If we had a group of people with different traits and personalities I think that group of people can survive the wild without any supplies given because each and everyone of them is good at something and does their part. Racism is everywhere. It’s horrible. It’s just so horrific just to have The Holocaust. (A period where Adolf Hitler killed about more than 16 million Jews and a hundred thousand or more disfigured, diseased, and sick people.) Still racism is still a disease on Earth.

Pics of topic:  www.feris.edu/jimcrow/what.htm -artical ok here’s a long one www.comcurringopinions.com/archives/2005/12/property_for_sa_1.html  -pics

Science Earth’s interior structure. Little girl and Dad

How do we know what the Earth’s interior structure is like when we can’t see it? Well how do we know? We know it by the disasters on Earth. How does that have to do with it?  Well little one, this is how it happens.
            Ahh, let’s start with earthquakes.But how come it has to do with earthquakes, Papa? (Man chuckles)There are waves called the P and S waves.Are they the waves that we see on the beach?(Man Chuckles again) No, my darling, it has to do with earthquakes. now hush, or else you won’t let me tell you about Earth’s interior.Let’s start with the P waves. P waves can travel through land and water. S waves only travel through land, unless some little scientist like you find out it can travel through something else.(Little girl giggles that her giggles sound like little birds chirping.) You can see it on a machine. Earth’s mantle is solids, but can be bendable like plastic. It is the layer under the crust, where we are sitting on. (Little girls eyes widen.)The layer under the mantle is the outer core, made out of iron and nickle. The outer core is liquid, instead of solid like the inner core. The inner core is made out of the same subtances as the outer core. When the waves passes through, on the the P waves go straightly through. The S waves just get pushed off. So that’s how we know how the interior structure.